About Us

Alfonso Alvarado

Our story begins with our founder, Alfonso Alvarado. As a kid in Coahuila, Mexico, Alfonso developed a passion for authentic Mexican cuisine. A couple years later, at the age of 16, when his family moved to San Antonio, Alfonso channeled that passion into his first job at Rudy’s Mexican Food Products.

Delighted to be mentored by the owner, Rudy DeLeon, Alfonso began to learn the ins and outs of the tamale business at a young age. Surrounded by the same traditional Mexican kitchen environment from his childhood, Alfonso continued to work at Rudy’s for over 50 years. He finally decided to leave Rudy’s after his mentor passed away in 2012. Alfonso knew there was only one way to keep channeling his passion and pay homage to his belated mentor- to open shop.

Alfonso Tamales & MA Foods LLC

Alfonso Tamales was born in 2012 and has proudly produced millions of tamales to happy clients across the state of Texas. Alfonso tamales also focused on expanding their menu to other authentic Mexican dishes and introduced crunchy chicharrones & mouth-watering barbacoa.

In 2021, Alfonso Tamales decided to partner with MA Foods LLC manufacturing business to strategically distribute Alfonso’s and Rudy’s passion to more hungry customers across the state.